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 Banquet Equipment Products
The perfect combination of Elegance and Function

  Glo-Ice® Fluted Bowls & Trays Fluted Bowls & Trays

Fruit displays, salad bars, desserts and other food presentations are transformed into stunning centerpieces on any buffet or banquet table when displayed in EPI fluted bowls. This lovely and versatile banquet equipment accepts hot appetizers, cold fruits or salads and serves them beautifully and functionally.

Our stackable fluted bowls are available as single serving bowls or in tiered collapsible sets. The tiered banquet equipment sets can be set up quickly for food presentation and buffet service and can just as easily be disassembled for convenient cleaning and storage.

Our fluted bowls are all available in both patterned and clear acrylic as well as black in four sizes. (Certain minimum order quantities apply).

Single and Tiered Fluted Trays

Your beautifully arranged specialty dish or layers of buffet sweets will have an appealing food presentation in our single serving trays or tiered collapsible trays. With our banquet equipment accessories, such as solid acrylic rods, collapsible tray tiers form balanced servers. Trays and rods fit together snugly for an easy-to-use assembly. Create buffet displays of two or three tiers. Our fluted trays are available in clear or patterned acrylic as well as in black in a variety of sizes. (Certain minimum order quantities apply).

Fluted Bowls & Trays
Fluted Bowls & Trays

Buffet Pedestals for Fluted Bowls

Create a dazzling tiered food presentation for prominent buffet displays with fluted bowls and acrylic buffet pedestals. These sturdy pedestals are made of clear acrylic, with cutout to accept our fluted bowls in every size. Our pedestals are beautifully finished with flame-polished exterior edges. Available in four sizes to fit our 7 1/2", 11", 16" and 20" bowls.

Fluted Bowls & Trays
Buffet Pedestals for Fluted Bowls

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